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ctive handset○s.Please scan the QR● Code to follow us○ on Instagr●amPlease scan◆ the QR Code t◆o follow us on Wec○hatLenovo r〓ebuts rumor it○ failed to back H◆uawei on 5G is●suesLenovo rebuts○ rumor it fa■iled to back H○uawei on 5G iss■uesLenovo rebuts ru〓mor it faile●d to back Huawei● on 5G issues05-18-2〓018 08:53 ●BJTChinese comput■er maker Lenovo 〓Group issu●ed an internal● letter on◆ Wednesday ●rebutting t●he market rumor tha〓t it failed to bac〓k

Chinese ◆telecom company■ Huawei in s〓etting global sta■ndards for the fif●th generation m●obile commu●nications tec○hnology.The○ move came amid● intensifie■d competition amon●g countries for a bi●gger say in◆ developing 5G○ serv

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o f●ounder Liu ●Chuanzhi sa◆id in the letter■ the company ba●cked tech ●giant Huawei's propo●sals for 5G standard■s in the final ro○und of voting. "Chin●ese businesses shoul〓d unite and brush a■side attempts to ●sow discord,●" Liu added.○His comments came ●amid the ma○rket rumor that L●enovo voted in fav●or of the Unite●d States tech● company Qual〓comm against Huawei● regarding● a key technolog〓y standard for 5G〓. The new,◆ superfast t■echnology will all■ow consumers〓 to download an〓 8-gigabit movie in ◆seconds and have〓 access to services ●like autonomous c■ars and remote● surgery.Industry ◆analysts say the d〓ispute hig■hlights ho●w important■ it is to ga〓in greater say in ●finalizing 5G sta●ndards, as econom●ies scramble f◆or a beachhead.On T○hursday, the Ministr〓y of Indus◆try and Inf●ormation Te■chnology, China?/p>

?s top indus■try regulator, and t○he State-owne●d Assets Supervisio○n and Administrat〓ion Commis◆sion launched a g◆uideline to acce●lerate

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駉te 5G and■ its application i●n industries."This○ year, China■ will promote key te■lecom programs, incl○uding finishi●ng third-phas●e tests on 5G,◆" the guideline 〓said."The mor●e technical proposa◆ls for 5G r〓ecognized by th◆e global tech commu●nity, the faster a c〓ountry can build a● large-sca●le network for ○the superfast t●echnology," said Xia●ng Ligang, a te●lecom expert an●d CEO of the tele◆com industr〓y website Cctime.■The formulation○ of global 5G stand○ards depends lar●gely on competit●ion among China,● the US and Europe, ●he said. A◆s domestic co◆mpanies like Hu〓awei and China Mo〓bile evolve ■into pioneers i〓n the telecom 〓arena, China◆ is likely to■ play a more s●ignificant r◆ole.The Chi●nese governme

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research and d●evelopment.

n〓t attaches hig〓h importance● to 5G, whic■h will also sp◆ark a faster rol■lout, Xiang a○dded.The country 〓has already had● a string of ■achievements● in 5G. Last year, C○hina Mobile outg■unned foreign riva○ls to lead the globa〓l 5G Syste◆m Architecture proj●ect, which will det〓ermine 5G n◆etworks' st■ructure.The nat○ion also establis■hed the world'●s largest 5G t○est field in Be●ijing's Huairou d●istrict, where ●domestic firms ●and a string of f■oreign tech co●mpanies are part◆icipating in C●hina's third ○phase of 5G tests.C●hina lagged b○ehind other c●ountries in b■uilding 4G an〓d 3G network■s. But with○ 5G, it is r●acing ahead i〓n research and de■velopment, as we◆ll as trial a●pplications, said W◆ang Zhiqin, vi●ce-president of the ○China Academy of Inf○ormation and Comm■unications■ Technology.The〓 country is ■lik

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ely to issue 5◆G licenses to telec○om carriers i■n the second 〓half of next y■ear at the◆ earliest and will ○be among the first t◆o issue 5G l●icenses in th●e world, she said.●The market ●size of China's 5G i■ndustry is ●expected to reach○ 1.15 trillion yuan◆ ($180.6 billion) b○y 2026, 50 percent h○igher than its 4G◆ market, accord○ing to CCID C〓onsulting.Please s◆can the QR Code t●o follow us o●n InstagramPl◆ease scan the QR 〓Code to follo○w us on Wec●hatHuawei ■presents i◆nnovative ○technologies to Roma〓nian publicHua◆wei presents inn○ovative tech■nologies to Rom●anian publicHuawe●i presents inno●vative technol●ogies to Romanian pu○blic05-12-2018 13:09〓 BJTBUCHAREST〓 -- Chinese telecom 〓giant Huawei present〓ed th

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